Monday, October 29, 2007

Go UCONN! Goodbye A-Rod! Old beaus and hearses...

Before I get into what I planned to post about - I had a weird experience today. I just got back from a lunch-time walk. While walking on this one street next to a cemetery, a car and the person asked me for directions. It wasn't just any car though - it was a hearse. Ewwww. EW EW EW. I think the driver was the only occupant - but still - EWWWWW.

So anyway - awesome game for UCONN. They beat South Florida. This was a big win for them. It was exciting. We had a great tailgate before the game. Then we sat indoors with some friends, rather than in our usual seats. On the way in, I saw this guy who was either an ex-boyfriend or the ex-boyfriend's twin brother. He really is a twin. So I went up to him and said "Are you Tom or Paul?" It was Tom, the one I dated. He's aged - really aged. And let me say - he was a bit of a shit when we dated. And to look at him - and then to look back at my husband - wow! Did I make out! I look at A's face - and I just love to look at it - I could look at him all day long. Tom - eh. So - anyway - the rain helped UCONN. USF was ranked way higher - had been #2 a couple of weeks ago. Most of the game, UCONN was clearly better. Towards the end, USF started coming back. There were a couple of 3rd downs where it was important for UCONN to hold. When you are outside in the seats - you get up on 3rd downs and make noise - anything to disrupt the other team's offense. People in the club seats don't normally do it - after all - the team can't hear them. Well - late in the game on USF's last drive - I couldn't take it anymore. It's 3rd down - I have to get up. So I did - and so did a whole bunch of the people in our section. It was awesome! After UCONN won - the players went to the student section and gestured to the kids to come down on the field. They did - the poor security guards couldn't stop them. It was incredible - just incredible. We're going to a bowl baby! And it won't be Detroit this time. (At least I hope not.)

Okay - on to A-Rod. Good riddance. You don't want to be a Yankee - fine. He's so full of hot air. He is not worth $30m until age 45. And he and his agent showed a total lack of class in his announcement. Yeah - I'm no fan of the Red Sox. I admit that baseball was a hell of a lot more fun when the curse was on and they found innumerable ways to win in the playoffs or World Series. But hey - they were clearly on their way to winning the World Series last night. Couldn't A-Rod's announcement have waited a day? He had 10 days after the end of the Series to decide to opt out of his contract. What a jerk. Mr. September. Yup - MVP in the regular season, DUD in the post-season. I would love nothing more than to win the World Series next year - sans A-Rod.

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Tricia said...

I have such mixed emotions on A-rod. Clearly, the Sox don'e NEED him to win the World Series....


And Mike Lowell is hot.