Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I wish I could speak Dog...and other thoughts from the weekend

I really do wish I could speak Dog. I know that our dog understands some English words - like sit, down, off, eat, kisses. He doesn't understand them necessarily in the context of sentences - but say something like "eat" and boy does he understand! When A is home, he gets the dog's dinner for him. The other night, I got up from dinner first and headed upstairs to do something. I came down a bit later and A was rubbing Boomer's belly. He then pretended to eat Boomer's feet. I said "Watch out, Daddy's going to eat your feet." Well - Boomer bounded up and looked at me all happy. Turns out Daddy forgot to feed Boomer. He knew that word - and he was ready. I wish I could ask him why he does stuff - like walk through leaf piles. I also wish I could understand why a yappy little dog can set him off, but not the big dogs. I also would like to talk to those yappy little dogs and say "Do you really think you can take the BoomDoggie? I don't think so!" I can talk to the owners of the little yappy dogs. I should. I would like to ask them - why is it that you can't train your dog to be nice? People with little yappy dogs think it's so cute when they get all barky and growly at a big dog. Yeah - real cute. Problem is - my dog doesn't recognize that Fluffy is so small he's a too chomp lunch. My dog hears "I'm tough, I'm coming to get you big guy" and he growls back.
This was not a good sports weekend for my boys in blue - UCONN and the Giants. Both lost - very sad. Next weekend is the last home game for UCONN. It's a noontime start - so we'll be doing a breakfast tailgate. They should win - they had better!
I got a lot done this weekend. The new closet doors are painted. The trim in the bathroom is painted. I had made myself a list. I got everything on it done except for doing laundry. I did not do a speck of laundry. How stupid was that? I could have dumped a load in while doing other stuff. Oh well - guess I'll do it tonight.
I have to talk to the elected boss about some kind of compensation for filling in for the appointed boss. I would love it if they gave me a bonus. That might mean we could replace a bunch of windows in the spring.
Okay - will sign off now. I plan to spend the rest of my lunch hour determining if we should stay with our current bank - Bank of America or switch and maybe move my IRA from Morgan Stanley at the same time. Fun stuff - not really, but it is right up my alley.

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