Friday, November 02, 2007


I can't think of a good title for this post. Maybe it will come to me. Jeopardy just finished. I watch it regularly. So often I see the answers and I could run through the categories and win a ton of money. I don't do too well with the literature stuff. I would have bombed on today's Final Jeopardy. I really think I would do well on average. It really is all in the luck of the draw - which categories show up on your day. I took the test online once. That thing is freakin' hard! I don't quite get how some of these people pass it and then do so horribly on the show. Really. I would do so much better. I need to get on Jeopardy. I would totally rock at Wheel of Fortune too. I don't watch that one as much - but I'm good at it. And I would never buy a vowel. Total waste of money if you ask me.

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