Monday, November 19, 2007

So - my dog thinks he's smart.

Yes indeed. In fact, I think he thinks he's smarter than me. See - he's not allowed up on our bed, but he goes up there when he thinks we are not looking - like when I'm taking a shower in the morning. Then when he hears me finishing up in the bathroom, he jumps down onto his bed and lays down. He thinks he has me fooled. He has no idea that I hear him jump down or that I can feel the warm spot where his little body had been curled up. It reminds me of my family's first dog - Charlie. Charlie used to crawl under my parents' bed (he was a mini-poodle) when he heard my father going down to bed. If Dad didn't make him come out, he would wait until after my dad got into bed, then he would come out and jump up into the bed. Silly doggies. It is so cute that they think they've outsmarted us.

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A said...

Simon subscribes to the "if you can't see me, then you won't know I'm here" theory... and thusly, he burrows all the way under the covers and curls up really small entirely under them. Sometimes he covers his eyes with his paw, too -- like "I can't see you, so you probably can't see me!"