Monday, February 04, 2008

No Asterisk Needed!

Giants win the Super Bowl! OMG OMG OMG! Just some rambling thoughts from the game...I screamed when Plaxico caught the winning TD pass, poor A had just chased the dog into the dining room and missed did Eli get out of that did David Tyree make that catch....the defense was incredible....Tom Brady has got to be one hurting puppy today...Parade Tuesday...the Giants have never had a ticker tape parade .....can't say I'm sorry to see Belichick - you trademarked 19-0? hahahahaha hope it cost a lot of about Boss stepping up at tight end after Shockey went Bradshaw incredible or what - they way he wrestled that fumble away from a guy twice his size....was it a good luck omen for former Giants Phillipi Sparks's daughter to sing the national anthem?.....she's good....first call after the game was to my sister that lives and works in Boston....we just screamed on the phone for a bit....I have loved the Giants forever, this is so sweet, so sweet.....Strahan and Toomer will get their rings, I'm glad....Coughlin smiled!....Osi Umenyura is funny - and good...figures Plaxico would catch the winning TD, the guy always contributes...and how about Plaxico playing on a bum ankle all season long and a sore knee in the Super Bowl...and Ross with a bum shoulder....I was hoping for a couple of picks, but I'll take the sacks...18-1 sounds good to me, no asterisk needed

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