Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I'm good at stressing. I can stress over truly stupid things - I'm talking irrational stress. I would say that A has gotten pretty good at handling me when I stress. He is learning when to back off and just let me stress, when to appease me and when to coax me down. Sometimes when I stress, something silly will relieve me and it worsens the stress if I don't get my something silly. But - I know that it is usually better to try to get over the stressor item, but sometimes I think - just do what I want and I'll feel better faster. Friday night, we went to a concert. Our seats were in the nosebleed section. I'm afraid of heights. Welcome high stress levels. It was dark when we went in, so it was hard to see our row number. A had trouble at first getting that I needed to stop looking for the seats and have him find me and guide me there. I could not deal with the stress of finding our seats and being so far up I swear it was only a few steps to heaven. Now - was I rational? Hell no. Could A have resolved it quickly? Hell yes. Was it wise that he didn't? In the long run, I would have to say probably yes.

I've been stressing about an upcoming interview. I've applied to be President of my national professional association. As I was writing this post - just finished the first paragraph - I got a call with bad news. A colleague of mine - someone I really enjoyed - passed away last night. It was not expected. The interview - eh - I see how silly it is to stress over it now. I probably will start again Thursday morning, but right now - if I didn't get it - I'm still here, still have a lot ahead of me. Don's death puts a little perspective on it.

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