Thursday, February 07, 2008

The evil snooze button & Lenten resolutions

I swear - it's meant to torture me. I don't fall asleep as easily or as deeply as A does. So, when he has to get up early and he asks me to set the alarm, I always have a sense of dread. I know what's coming in the morning. The alarm will go off. It wakes me, not him. I nudge him awake. He asks me to hit the snooze button. He will go back to sleep - snoring even. I will lay there, tired, but unable to sleep. About 7 minutes later, we do it again. About 20-30 minutes later, he gets up and I can sleep until my alarm goes off. My extra sleep time though is now down to 15 - 30 minutes.

On another note - it's Lent. I'm not a good church going Catholic anymore, but my religion is still a big part of me. So - what to do for Lent. As kids - it was give something up. For many years as an adult, I would give up chocolate. That is a big deal for me. Can't do that this year. Anyway, in recent years, I have tried to do something more positive. So this year, A & I jointly made a "get fit" resolution for Lent. My plan is to do something good for me fitness wise everyday. By that I mean take a walk, do 20 minutes of pilates, lift weights, stuff like that. I'm also toying with idea of trying to get to work on time as a Lenten resolution. I'm always about 10 minutes late. But - when I have meetings until 10 at night - it's kind of hard to get myself up and in early the next day. We'll see.

I haven't added to my "life list" in a while - but this week, the Giants inspired me. I would like to go to the Super Bowl some year. I should say - I don't necessarily have to go to the game although that would be awesome. I would just like to be in the host city and go to some of the side events to experience some of the hoopla.

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