Thursday, May 22, 2008

Doggie Update

Boomer's training is really paying off. So is owner training! We have used the "bonker" aka the "phooey towel" on him with great results. This is a rolled up towel that you throw at the dog's feet while yelling "PHOOEY" (or some other word you don't normally use) to startle him. It's only for really really bad behavior - like counter surfing, jumping on people, going after other dogs on your walk . It's working. Eventually, you are supposed to be able to use only the word and they behave. Last night, we went outside to do "business" and Boomer saw the neighbor dog which normally sets him off pulling me across the yard, yanking my shoulder out of its socket (okay not really, but close) and general ugly barking and growling. So - he started - I said "Boomer, Phooey" and that dog stopped. WOW!

I try to do some weight training at least two mornings per week. This can be tough with a dog who wants to snuggle up as soon as I lay down on the floor to do ab work. This morning, I'm trying to do my hundreds (a Pilates exercise) and I ended up doing it with the dog snuggled into my side, laying on his back while I petted him with one hand. He was just so cute, I couldn't move him.

His toys that I posted about are still alive. We've added two more to the list. One - a hedgehog - he got just this weekend. A couple of times, he has started to pull the stuffing out the poor hedgehog's butt. When he would do this, we would take the toy away. He would then cry for it. So pathetic, so cute. Well, the last two days, he has managed to play with Mr Hedgehog and not rip the stuffing out! YAY!

Have I ever mentioned that he sleeps with a blanket? This dog does not like the cold. He's a warm weather dog for sure. Sometimes we wake up in the morning and the dog has himself all under the blanket - head included. It's so darn cute. He also likes to sit out in the sun when it is hot out. He'll cry and cry to go outside in nice weather. I've also taken him out to do business and had him just drop down in the middle of the yard and refuse to move because it's nice out and he wants to sit in the sun. He's got such a personality.

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