Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just having a day...

Well - so far it's only a morning - but ARRRGH. I have one employee who can really drive me up the wall. She started my day off badly not even realizing it. See - she recycles paper. If she runs a proof report and then a final report, she saves the proof and then later puts that paper back in the computer for when she is printing something else. It was driving me up the wall. I would open up the journal entry book and not know which page I was looking at because she did this. She's really proud of herself. She claims to have saved us $28 this year by doing so. $28 freakin' dollars. That's nowhere near the cost of the therapy that the rest of the staff and I need because she drives us nuts. So - this morning, I walk in the office and there in the middle of the floor is a big box of her "recycled" paper. Then - I barely get to take off my coat - certainly haven't gotten my coffee yet - and she's pouncing on me about an issue with an invoice. She really likes to be right and find other people doing wrong. So - she's right about this one. I agree and tell her I'll talk to the other department head. She continues on for several minutes about the issue until I say basically "I get it. Shut up already." Not exactly what I said - but she got my drift. Maybe it wouldn't all be so annoying if she was a sweet lovely woman. She's nice enough, but she does like to find other people's mistakes. She also isn't always considerate of her co-workers rights and needs when it comes to time off. She has a sense of entitlement - with nothing to back it up other than longevity. She's overpaid for what she does - but she'll tell you otherwise. She has a seriously inflated title - Senior Accountant - when at best she's the Senior Clerk. She brings her outdoor plants to the office for the winter and they are ugly, smelly and she doesn't keep the space they occupy clean. She doesn't think about how her actions impact others - it's that sense of entitlement. She's a major suck-up to men in power, but bucks any woman who have more power than she does. In the past, I've had to tell her that she can't discuss items with certain department heads because she can't seem to show them the respect they deserve. And she hums. Off key. And sometimes she just layers on the powder and perfume. Instead of showering. She really needs to retire. Really.

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