Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We all have some memories that stick with us more than others. Some good - some bad. I thought, as part of my self-exploration - I would look at some of mine. I don't know that any of them have shaped me - but I think that some of them did. Others I think just reveal part of who I am. Like a memory from when I was 8. I was running home for dinner and ran into a wire that was supporting a newly planted tree. I cut open my leg. The memory of the pain is still with me today - I don't feel the actual pain, but it's a real bad memory and very uncomfortable. Dislike of pain is part of who I am - unless it's someone else's pain, then I can handle it and perform well, unless there is blood involved.
Another unpleasant memory - from age 10 - part of my history of feeling 2nd best - our grammar school basketball team (I was JV) was having an end of season party at the coach's house. We decided to play a game of basketball! Two 8th graders were the captains and picked teams. I was the last player chosen. Bad enough - but one of the captains was my sister and she only took me because she had no choice.
Achievement memories - in 6th grade when I outlasted everyone and finally spelled Mozambique correctly to win the spelling bee!
Terrifying memory - I was 5 years old and my brother let me come up into his tree house. Then he left me up there. Was I afraid of heights before that or am I afraid because of that. Bee stings - one under my eye - definitely why I am insanely afraid of bees.
Bad day memory - 9/11 - there are so many memories of that day. One that in particular stays with me is my uncle calling from Ireland where he, his wife, my aunt and her husband were with my mother on vacation. He said "What's going on." After talking to him a bit, he put my mother on the phone. All she did at first was cry. I'll never forget that - such a raw expression of a mother's love.
Wonderful day memories - when A first said "I love you", when he proposed, when we got married - all such deep, beautiful memories that have filled me with a joy I never knew could be possible.

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