Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The end of the hoseless summer

It had to happen. Summer has to end sometime. So did going hoseless. I've never gone hoseless on a regular basis before. It was liberating. I can't do it through the winter because I am too pasty. Since I lost weight before the summer, I wasn't so worried about needing to be sucked in. And I wore open toed shoes a lot more this summer, so I couldn't wear hose with them. (Note all you people who do wear pantyhose with open toed shoes and sandals - it's tacky.) I was worried at first about thigh rub - but that wasn't an issue except when I was trying to uncross and cross my legs. Baby powder did become my friend, as I hate the feeling of my feet sticking to the bottom of my shoes. All in all, going hoseless was a great way to celebrate summer!

On another note - it looks like I've finally decided on a car. I thought I had decided on sticking with a Maxima two weeks ago. The 09 retooled version is a great car. Only problem is, their leasing rates suck big time. So - on a bit of a whim, I e-mailed the local Infiniti dealer. Much better rates. Now - it is a 2008 - but still a brand new car. I had thought early on that with many of the cars I might be able to snag a good deal on a new, but last year model car because of the timing. I was right. The dealership just opened about 5 minutes ago, so I will be calling shortly and saying "Let's make a deal." I may have to turn my Maxima in a month early or have two cars (and two payments) for a month - but since I'm saving $2k per year - difference between the cost of the Maxima and Infiniti - I think I can eat the one month payment.

Oh - and if you've noticed that I've been doing a "Happiness is" post on Wednesday's lately - well - I'm saving that for Thursday this week.

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Aims said...

The G35? My brother got one and it is a great car. Really fun to drive, and lots of bells and whistles.