Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Update the guest bedroom?

Here is a picture of our guest bedroom. The color on the walls looks bluish sometimes, but it is actually called Beacon Grey. I want to get new linens for the bed. The bed is brass. I've given some thought to seeing if I can spray paint it some other color - maybe to match the chrome light fixtures. I also want to replace the night stand, which is a reddish brown. The dressers in the room are a medium brown - my old Ethan Allen set from childhood - so they are antiques! hehehe Seriously though, they are almost 40 years old! But first priority is the linens. Any suggestions? I'm looking for something a little less frou frou, something with nice clean lines.

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Dina said...

I was flipping through the Pottery Barn catalog this morning and saw a Cole Silk bedding set that might work. It's subtle, with stripes in shades of porcelain blue and grey, but the silk fabric gives it a sense of luxury. They also have a campaign nightstand that would be good for a guest room. Definitely post pics when you'd done!