Sunday, September 07, 2008

Moving Hemlines

I spent part of yesterday and today going through my closets, weeding out old clothes. Some things I hadn't worn in a couple of years thanks to weight gain. As I tried things on, most stuff fit, but I noticed I no longer liked them. Some of it was the shoulder pads. I mean SHOULDER PADS. I have big shoulders to start with. I must have looked ready to start for the Giants in these! There were suits with jackets that were long, compared to what I'm wearing today. There were several dresses that I never even wore and trying them on this weekend I thought they looked too old for me. Lord only knows what I was thinking when I bought them! Then there were the hemlines. As I tried on dresses and suits, I noticed that I no longer like some of the shorter hemlines. Now, I am of the opinion that as women get older and their knees start to become unattractive (why is that?) and they shouldn't be showing them off in short skirts. This isn't why I'm not liking the shorter hemlines for me. I think my knees look quite fine. (This really should have a picture - but who takes pictures of their knees.) Anyway, bottom line is just that my tastes have changed. I think. It was sad to say goodbye to some of the clothes - like the last two Fuck You Mike suits are gone. It was also great to rediscover others and say "Hey, they fit and they still look good." And best of all - there's now room for A to put his clothes in the closet!

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