Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Random Thoughts

*Sometimes I just really hate the finance people at our Board of Ed. They are stupid. They try to get away with things. And they are paid more than me. This is accounting people. We have rules and must follow them.

*There are places on my route to and from the Cape where the exit ramp is a 2 lane exit. Not everyone knows this, so they get to the far right way too early and therefore wait in line way too long. I'm not going to tell them though, because then I lose my little advantage.

*I wish that the MASS-DOT people would mark the EZ-Pass lanes better at the I-84 interchange - not the booths, I mean the lanes that will lead you to them. Or just move them to the far right or left. It will eliminate a lot of the lane jockeying.

*My dog is a good traveler.

*I wish the Cape weren't so far away. Or that I would win the lotto so I could retire and live up there all summer long.

*I had figured that the VP choices might help me make up my mind which way to vote come fall. I was right.

*I recently discovered the show "Big Bang Theory" thanks to A. I like it. My favorite is Sheldon.

*I took a lot of pictures this weekend at the Cape. I can't wait to download them.


Dina said...

You're so right about the I-84 interchange! Last time I drove that way, it took us 45 minutes to go a couple of miles. That toll booth is a mess.

Brenna said...

All of New England needs to figure out their EZ Pass lanes. It boggles my mind. And have you ever EZPassed in NJ? They have it figured out.