Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happiness is...

....Spring on the way. Friday it will be spring! YAY! I know - it could still snow - but I'm kind of hopeful it won't. My crocuses are blooming. BTW - did you know that crocuses will naturalize all on their own? I didn't. I had some showing up in my front lawn and in new places in my gardens. I thought maybe they weren't real crocuses (a faux crocus - can you just imagine?) so I googled crocuses. That's how I found out they will naturalize like that - so I'm just going to let them have at it. It brings a happy touch to our yard - which is looking kind of sad and brown yet. Anyway, the weather has been getting better and better. Walks are becoming a daily routine again. I can take the dog out without wearing 3 layers of clothing. It's all good.

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