Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow thoughts

It always amazes me what other people consider to be adequate removal of snow from their car. We got over 10 inches of snow last night. I saw a car that cleared the windshield off - but left the 10 inches that accumulated on the hood and the roof! And there are the ones that clear off the front windshield, but not the back? Of course, they may have cleared off the back, but left the 10 inches on the roof, which then slid down and covered the back windshield. One of my favorites is not clearing the snow off around your license plate! Mmmmm way to avoid that speeding ticket.

Next snow thought - I arrived at work only about 10 minutes late. That's actually pretty normal for me. My employee who lives in walking distance - shows up 1/2 hour late. What's up with that! She says to me "I thought we were closed." Uh - since when? We hardly ever close. Anyway - it's the snow, freezes peoples' brains - must be.

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annie said...

The people that don't clear off their hoods or back windows or trunks used to drive me crazy - I'd always end up behind them on the road, and their snow would blow all over me. Ugh.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you for the interview you just went on!!!