Friday, August 07, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation

I biked. A lot. We (A & I) rode the Cape Cod rail trail almost every day. We also rode the Cape Cod Canal trail one day. We did 17.5 miles the first day, skipped a day, then did 12 miles, 21 miles, 13 miles and 25 miles. The 13 miler may have been the hardest. That was on the Canal trail and the second half of the ride was into a serious headwind. We had been going 15-17 mph out, but struggled to do 13 mph coming back. It was excellent exercise. But, as with road driving, I found a few pet peeves. One - if you are passing someone, you should announce yourself - say something like "On your left". It's not only polite - it's smart. You don't let me know you are coming up from behind, I may for some reason move out to my left and then you'll go boom. Another pet peeve - people riding two or more across the bike path. Okay - if the other bikers are skilled, you should be safe, there should be enough room. But trust me - a lot of those bikers riding several across are not skilled. 3rd pet peeve - if you need to stop on the trail for some reason, pull off to the side. You make life a little difficult (the word little should be read with sarcasm) when you don't. In one instance, I was forced to come to a complete stop because some teenagers just stopped in the middle of the path. One thing I noticed is that kids wander - particularly those who are at that age where they've outgrown training wheels, but haven't really mastered biking. I don't have a problem with that. I don't think they can control it - but you have to watch out for them.
Anyway - riding was fun. I plan to keep it up. I like riding on the trail and plan to make use of the one in Westchester. Oh - and I took pictures while on the Cape, so those will be coming soon.

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AlwaysJoy said...

Ohhh Kate I am with you on the pull over to the side I have scars from someone who didn't pull over and it was a corner and well in order to miss them I (as Jim so kindly said it) left my DNA on the bike path!