Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happiness is...

....going for a walk with the Boom Doggie. He's always happier about it than me - not that I don't enjoy it - but because going for a walk makes that dog INSANELY happy. He'll run around in circles, so excited about going for a walk. Even the mere mention of a walk gets him excited. We can not say "do you want to take the dog for a walk" unless we are going to follow through. He understands what it means. Or saying "I'm going for a walk" gets him in a tizzy, thinking he's going too. So, we talk about taking him for a stroll or use our fingers to make a walking motion or some other such way of indicating walk without saying it. We've gotten to take a few walks lately, thanks to the sneak preview of spring we've been having. It's a good thing.

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