Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happiness is...

...a bunch of things this week. Being outside this weekend in the beautiful weather - I just love how Boomer soaks it up. You know the saying "happy as a pig in shit"? Well, I would like to be happy as Boomer in the sun. I got lots of hugs from A this week. There's no way to describe how wonderful it feels just to be in his arms. I started a new knitting project that I had just been itching to start. I got a new phone and I was part of the winning spelling bee team. It was a good week.
They aren't all good weeks. That's one of the reasons I started doing these Wednesday "Happiness is.." posts. I want to be happy and when I started these posts, I was in a place where I had to look for the happy things. I was determined to be happy and knew that if I looked at it, most every week I could find something that was happy.
I feel for a new friend of mine today. Today is an anniversary of a loss for her. I know how hard that is. I know that time will deaden the pain - but I also know that the sadness will always remain. Part of it is that you don't get to grieve in the same way when you lose a child before birth. It's not as real a loss to other people as it is to you. I think that makes the grieving process harder. But it is, for most of us, survivable. And you can find happiness in life again, you just have to really look for it sometimes.

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dinap said...

Thanks for this post today, Kate. Happiness is thoughtful friends.