Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A little frustration with the hubby

I gave A a list today of things that needed to get done. He seemed a little peeved - said he wasn't - but he had that kind of attitude he gets sometimes. Well - I'm peeved. I asked him to do one thing yesterday that he needed to do for me so I could send our tax paperwork to the accountant. He didn't do it. He went and had coffee with friends at one firehouse, went to visit friends at another firehouse - but couldn't put together what I needed for the taxes. And it's not something I can do - he has to do it. He's been on vacation since the end of February. There was one thing I told him early on that I wanted him to do while off - clean out his drawers. He has so many t-shirts and shorts and jeans that they don't fit in his drawers. He hasn't given any indication of doing it. Lastly, he needs to lose weight. About six weeks ago he came home from work all ready to lose weight. He had had his blood pressure taken and it was high. He was going to lose weight. Honestly, I don't see him putting a lot of effort into it. His weight is down, but he's not working out and his eating habits are not any better. I've tried every which way I can think of to encourage him to lose weight and I've just about given up. He doesn't care. He knows his weight is not healthy, but apparently being healthy and being around to live a long life with me is no incentive to lose weight and get healthy. He would rather have his beer and his Carvel and his unhealthy food than live a long life with me. It makes me want to cry. It makes me want to give up. I want him around. I want him healthy. And yes, selfishly, I want him to look fit too. I love him so much. He kisses me and I melt. It's not that he doesn't turn me on big belly and all - but I would like for him to be more fit. I would like to be able to hug and kiss him and feel the length of him - not be an belly's width away. But he doesn't care enough to lose the weight and that just makes me sad and frustrated and ready to give up on him ever losing weight.

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Brenna said...

Steve is in the same boat - high cholesterol, really high, and dr's orders to improve his diet. Still, I find McD's bags in his car and hot dogs in my fridge and just throw up my hands. My mom is 50 lbs overweight in a family riddled with cancer and heart disease. She's borderline diabetic but continues to eat like garbage and then buy into whatever quick fix diet plan she sees on TV. It's infuriating, but I don't think our loved ones realize the impact their bad habits have on us. They have to initiate the change.