Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I once had a performance evaluation were one piece of the feedback was that I was perceived as resistant to change - specifically to changing major vendors.  I would say that's a pretty fair statement.  I am a creature of habit and thus change is not my thing to begin with - although my hairdresser will argue that.  But, as I sit here, signing contract after contract, agreement upon agreement, fee schedules up the wazzoo - I think I know why I'm reluctant to change major vendors.  It's a pain in the freakin' ass!  I was going through this 5 inch pile of paperwork required to change a banking relationship, making sure before I sent it all back that everything that needed signing was signed.  And damn it - I found some unsigned pages.  It looks like it won't be so bad, some of it only needs my signature or a co-workers signature.  I won't have to be hunting down any board members today.  And as I sit here staring at my pile of paperwork, I'm dreading the next request for proposal I have to send out.  See, it's been a while since we looked at the other major banking relationship we have, so I have to do an RFP, which opens up the possibility of more change.  That one won't be just a pile of paperwork either.  Can I start crying now?

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