Wednesday, February 02, 2011

It's Wednesday - I almost forgot my Happiness is... Day!

There is a website that I have in my favorites.  I don't go there a lot - but every once in a while it's nice to visit.  They had a daily calendar of things to be happy about - usually 5 or 6 items.  Today - the first thing on the list is visiting Alaska.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA  Don't need to!  I live in the Northeast and this winter - it might just as well be Alaska.  Or at least Buffalo.  Here's hoping my Chicago friends are holding up during the storm out there.


Erin said...

This winter has been nuts. I guess my thing to be happy about is that sprint WILL come!

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

What a great post. I love the movie Pollyanna and am always telling my kids to play the happy game if they're sad. Gotta love happiness ;)