Monday, February 14, 2011


I go up and down weight wise all the time.  Lose 15 pounds, gain 10 back, lose the 10 gain it back, lose 10, gain 3 back, lose 1 gain 5, lose 1 gain 4, lose 10 gain 11.  And so on and so forth.  I have not gotten back to my all time high, which was post fertility treatments, post pregnancy, post miscarriage.  But I'm back to a spot I'm not happy with.  I'm back to wearing my loose fitting clothes - or as I'm doing today, suffering in pants that just feel a tad too tight.  Must.Lose.Weight. My goal right now is to get down 5 to 8 pounds by the trip to Vegas in April.  Okay - really my immediate goal is to get home and put on some looser pants.  Then lose the weight for Vegas.  Then I want to be back down to last year's weight by the time I go to my conference in May.  I have started back to the gym.  I'm trying to follow weight watchers again, but may need to resort to a more rigid plan as I've done before.  I just really need to get started, once I get back on the weight loss wagon, I usually do quite well.  But it's Valentine's Day and A is cooking me dinner tonight.  So I'll start tomorrow.

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