Monday, June 02, 2008

Thoughts on weight loss

I'm losing weight again. For the umpteenth time. Well - okay - not umpteenth. Let's see - when I got my first job. When I worked at Town 1. When I worked at Town 2 the first time. When I worked at Town 3. When I worked for MSDW. When I got married. When I put on the "trying to have a baby" weight. And now. Hopefully this is the last time. Yeah. Sure. But - I'm going to try to make it the last time.

I remember in 8th grade, the school nurse pointing out that I had gained 10 lbs over the year. Was that just puberty or the start of problems? From that point on, I was always a bit overweight, but never grossly so.
It used to be easier - back when I was in my 20s.
I remember when hitting 130 was horrible (that's after the 1st major weight loss.)
Then - I remember when hitting 140 was a signal to diet. In all seriousness, I should not be in the 120 range. Mid 130s is a good weight for me.
How did I get here? I would usually maintain my weight loss for a couple of years, then something would trigger sliding - as you can tell by the list above, it was usually a major life change, like changing jobs. This last time I hit 150 when I was trying to have a baby, and then lost the baby and ate for comfort.
It's kind of funny - right now - I'm feeling good and thinking how slim I am. I can feel my hipbones, etc. Then I think - hey! You weighed 7 pounds less when you got married! (mid 130s, ideal weight) Then I also think - hey! 10 years ago, when you went to Europe, you weight 10 pounds less! But I do feel good right now. I will feel better with a few pounds more. I'm going to try to think realistically that if I can keep it to 140, at my age, I'll be doing well. Keeping active is key. It's not just the weight loss that has me feeling good - it's the activity level.
Of course- I'm kind of in a nowhere land when it comes to wardrobe. I'm not thin enough to fit into my "skinny" clothes - but I'm too thin for the fat stuff. And this is with only a 10 pound weight loss! I don't want to buy lots of new stuff. I'm afraid to have too much fat stuff altered down. What to do! Buying new usually wins :) Because I deserve it!

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