Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Boomer Cuteness

I swear my dog sleeps like a human. He likes to be covered with a blanket to stay warm and will even snuggle his little head under it. He loves to go outside. He can be a total nudge if it's nice out. He'll whine to go out and sit in the sun or sit on the porch. He likes to bring toys to bed with him. One of the funniest things for me - sounds mean - is watching how him get all scrunched over to poop. And the look on his face says "Mom - don't be watching me, this is private." I can't help but giggle at him. The boy does love his walks. It's so funny how freakin' excited he gets. I'm taking him for some good long ones in the evening. You would think it would tire him out - but no - about an hour after dinner, he's ready to toss a ball or some other toy in the house. He's just sweet - I love that little boy.

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