Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Legalized Theft

I'm just a tad pissed right now. We have an employee who has been out on non-work related sick leave for over a month. His "doctor's note" ran out last Tuesday. We just got the new note. The doctor originally said he could come back to work on the 30th of this month. Then crossed it out and put 7/7/08. Uh - do you think said employee said to doctor "oh I need another week" or "can't you get me through the holiday?" See - we know that this employee plans to move to North Carolina. His wife is already there. She has a job down there. He's looking for one. Up until this issue which required surgery, he was conveniently out sick virtually every Friday and Monday. Uhhh....ya' think he was taking long weekends with the wife in North Carolina looking for a job? And what does his boss say when confronted? "He's leaving anyway, what's the big deal." So - when he takes one of the trucks with him - are we going to say "he's leaving anyway..." It's basically the same thing - theft.

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Me said...

Greedy people suck.