Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My dog has a hard head.

Ask me how I know!  Sunday night, I was playing with Boomer - he was running around my mom's house, having a grand time just dashing around.  As I knelt there, waiting for him to return - well - he returned.  He hit me head on - skull to skull.  I never saw it coming.  He came from behind and just clocked me.  It took me a little bit to get up.  No one even knew it had happened - they were all either out on the porch or in the kitchen.  When I finally felt like I could get up, I went and got myself an ice pack, then proceeded to the security of A's arms, crying because it hurt.  It really freaking hurt.  Dang dog has a seriously hard head.  My sister was worried about a concussion, but I never lost conciousness.  I think Boomer felt bad - poor dog was just playing.  But DAMN his head is hard. 


Jen said...

Ouch...hope you are doing ok. Poor Boomer too...I could just imagine his face when he realized you were hurting. Pets have such an great way of knowing when we are hurting.

Anonymous said...

I had a German Shepherd and I was standing over him after I got home from work and he picked his head up and got me right between the eyes. I literally saw stars. I can totally relate.