Thursday, August 16, 2012

What was God thinking?

Do you ever wonder that?  I do.  Like when I look at crab grass.  What was He thinking?  What useful purpose does crab grass serve?  I wonder what he was thinking with spiders and snakes and bees - but I do get that they serve a useful purpose.  But crab grass?  Not convinced.  It's annoying as all get out.  We finally get our front lawn looking good and WHAM crab grass.  It's a bit of a battle.  See, the neighbors to our left, the neighbors to our right, the neighbor across the street - none of them really give a hoot about the crab grass.  Well, the ones to the right might care, but they do nothing about it.  The one across the street is into the natural look.  At first, she didn't even own a power mower.  She used a environmentally friendly mower - aka a push mower.  The thing with those is that the blades can't move fast enough to cut all kinds of grass & weeds.  She finally got an electric mower, but fertilizer and weed control?  Not happening there.  And then there's the problem neighbors to our left.  I think they have embraced crab grass as a design feature.  It lines their driveway and sidewalk.  And it creeps over into our yard.  So, we fight on in the battle against the crab grass, a piece of God's creation that I just don't get.

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