Monday, August 13, 2012

New York State is big and other thoughts

New York State is really big.  I know it's not as big as Texas, California, Alaska and various other states - but when you come from little Connecticut, New York State is big.  We went to a shower for A's brother and his fiancee this weekend.  It was in the Finger Lakes Region.  That's about 5 1/2 hours from our home (6 if you are driving a little slower after getting pulled over for speeding).  It amazes me that we could be that far from home and still be in the same state.  I would see other cars with NY plates and think "Hey another NYer"  and then remember DUH - we're in NY.

At a barbecue with families from the firehouse, the wives were sitting around discussing things.  One thing discussed was that beige panties are dull.  Yes, they are boring.  But they have their place.  Like when you are wearing something on your lower half that is not completely opaque.  One doesn't really want to be wearing dark undies under that flowy white skirt, because if the wind snugs it up against your butt, they show.

I like seeing farms, farmland and farmhouses.  I just think they are pretty.

Proseco is good stuff.  I need to get me some.

Knitting in the car is relatively easy.  Tinking in the car, not so much.  Tinking sticky yarn like Noro Silk Garden, not my favorite activity.

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