Friday, January 11, 2013


My plan for Saturday - a great purge.  Clothing, makeup, handbags, shoes - I'm doing it.  I've already been working on the clothing part.  I've decided that t-shirts over a certain age are gone.  I plan to apply that to sweatshirts as well.  I'm going to be brutal.  After that is done, I'm going through all the stuff - well maybe I should call it crap - on my dresser and night stand and I'm going to be brutal there too.  I will have a bin for the questionable saves - put them in there, put them in the basement, if I haven't needed it in a year - gone.  I just have too much clutter in the house and not enough space to keep all of it and have a home that appears neat and tidy.  Maybe next weekend I'll attack the glass/mug cabinet in the kitchen and get rid of all the unnecessary stuff there as well.

I'll be back next week to let you know how it goes.


AlwaysJoy said...

You'll feel great! When we moved from the original house to this one (2100sf to 750) I purged soooooo much! And I LOVE having a house that is always clean and company ready

loribeth said...

Good luck! I do the occasional purge, but I guess it's not enough or often enough, because it never seems to be QUITE enough...!