Thursday, January 24, 2013

So much yarn, so little time

I'm trying very hard to be on a yarn diet.  It's really hard.  I see gorgeous yarn and think about what I could make from it.  The problem is that I really don't have enough time to knit everything that I would like to knit.  Another problem is I have yarn that someone bought a tag sale years ago and gave to me that I feel like I should use - but I know it's not great yarn so I'm not inclined to use it for something nice.  What I might do with that old acrylic stuff is to double it up and knit a quick blanket or two or three for my dog and to donate to a shelter.  I just don't think I should toss it, so maybe the blankets or donate it to the senior center.  And another problem I've run into is the colorful baby blankets I've made that didn't use the full skein, so I have a bunch of partial skeins.  I'm trying to use them up by making blanket squares.  I'm working my way through, but like I said - I see pretty stuff and it's hard not to add to the stash.  So, I'm on a yarn diet and a food diet.  Fun stuff!


Jen said...

I went crazy buying up yarn about a year or so ago and I have such a stash of it, but I haven't really the time to knit (or should I say make the time) this past year. I also purchased a lot of small skeins that are only good for making scraves (which is really all I know how to at this point). I love scraves and have been purchasing ones other sells and make on instead. I still love to look at yarn and get the urge to purchase more then reality speaks to me and I remember I have so much already. I can't part with any of mine either. Happy knitting!

loribeth said...

I can relate. Just substitute "scrapbooking supplies" for yarn. I actually haven't bought much lately -- mainly because the store I used to frequent closed a couple of years back, & I haven't been going to crops & using as much. I still have a ton of stuff, though. I still hope to get back to scrapbooking so I don't want to get rid of it, but I suppose I could afford to pare down some of it. ;)

CassieInTheRain said...

Aha I am the same but with paint and paintbrushes.
I enjoy reading your blog. :)

Amelia Clark said...

Wow...This is what i have been looking for and you have done a great job. Beautiful flowers.
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