Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays?

I was all psyched for the holidays six weeks ago. We bought a new Christmas tree and some decorations and I was psyched. Now 4 days away - not so much. I still need to do a fair amount of cleaning. A can not help much because he's laid up with diverticulitis. He is doing what he can though. We have to drive to his parents tomorrow to do an early Christmas with them, then home on Sunday. So - I lose at least a day where I could be cleaning - more like a day and a half. So - I'm trying to get it done at night after work. This is a lesson to me to try to keep up with it during the year - like maybe dust regularly. Mainly though, it's a lot of tidying up and serious cleaning - like "Mom's coming" kind of cleaning. I don't want to be doing these multiple Christmases every year - there's got to be another choice. Then there's the brother thing - not an upper going into the holiday. Then I get my period just in time to be staying at someone else's house. I hate that. I just hate that. So it's not just another month of not being pregnant, which while I recognize would be somewhat miraculous, I still hope for, it's the damn curse and the lack of privacy while having it. Maybe I'm psychotic or something, but I don't like other people knowing about my private bodily functions. (Although here I am blabbing it on the internet.)  Merry Christmas my ass.

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