Friday, December 14, 2007

Snow thoughts

I think Boomer likes the snow. I love watching him run around in it. It's adorable the way he kind of bounds through it sometimes when it is deep. And how he chases the snow. Last year, the snow crusted over for a while and I would drag him around - watching him slide and seeing the slightly freaked out look on his face made me laugh!

We got out of work early yesterday, due to the snow. It annoys the heck out of me that the employee in my office who can walk to work always seems to be the first to respond to the notice that we are closing early due to snow.

I was a responsible neighbor this morning. I got out there and shovelled my sidewalk. Kids in our neighborhood have to walk to school, so I wanted our section clear for them. Then I had to shovel out the end of the driveway. The way the plow had packed the snow in there made it kind of like a cliff. I wasn't sure that my car would get through it like that. My neighbor said that's one of the reasons he'll never have a car again - always going for an SUV. Let me tell you - I'm thinking about it!

Yesterday's storm was one of the best kind we could get. The bulk of it was between 7 and 3 - so overtime should not be so bad. Nice way to look at it - huh! :) Can't help it - it's in my genes. There was nothing my dad hated more than snow on a holiday. That meant triple time for the guys on the public works crew.

Ah well - this season brings another thing besides snow - the Salvation Army bell ringers. I'm off now to go ring the bell with our Tax Collector. We'll be relieving two cops. Want to bet the cops get the biggest donations? I told them it wasn't fair to be carrying their guns while they did it but....hey - it is for charity.

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Lauren said...

I love dogs in the snow - I used to throw snowballs at my lab, and she'd jump up to try to catch them...then look completely confused when they burst and disappeared.