Thursday, December 06, 2007

Trading one yucky job for another

So - it looks like we may be done with union negotiations for a few years. Keep your fingers crossed people. It's been a long road since we started with the first one almost two years ago. With luck, by this time next week, that union will have approved their contract, then there will only be one more to go. So - that's done - but my boss volunteered me to serve as finance director for a coalition of communities. That part's not so bad. What's bad is having to go to their meetings. The person they have selected as their Director (kind of by default because she organized the coalition originally) is just a total scatterbrain. She has lots of information, but is completely incapable of presenting it in an organized manner. Oh - and the drama as she talks about issues. Good Lord spare me! My boss owes me. She totally owes me. And she knows it. I think she partly did it so that she would have someone to commiserate with at these meetings.

I haven't done a happy thought in a while - so today's is - I'm having a lot of fun giving little presents to my Secret Santa recipient at work.

As for the life list - I'll have to go back and check what I've listed so far.

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