Wednesday, December 05, 2007


It's good for the soul right? Okay..

I only just took off my toenail polish from this summer.

I invite my brother and his family (bitch-in-law, etc) to my house for Christmas dinner. I did not do it with pure intentions. For one - I figure they won't come. For two - I did it mainly so that they could not say I didn't invite them. Granted the bitch will likely say I waited until late to ask - but she would come up with something to complain about even if I had asked them back in August (which is around the time I last painted my toenails).

My office is a disaster.

I have been cheating a bit on my diet - eating chocolate at work. It's very hard not to do so.

There's a couple of changes that may happen staff wise here and I think they are long overdue. I can't say that to the people involved because one is a friend - but it's time she leaves. The other one - I can't stand - which I guess is a corollary confession. She's a holier than though know it all who portrays herself as this down to earth "real" I say what I mean kind of person. She is not at all a team player and really - just - as they say "thinks who she is". Not sure what that really means - but it describes her well.

Last one - I made my dog wear an elf hat and reindeer ears to pose for our Christmas card photos. Evidence below.

Now that I have confessed - maybe I'll go say 3 Hail Marys and an Act of Contrition.

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