Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Imagine if you will...

You are invited to spend a day of golf with a young relative, to be followed by a sumptuous dinner, including your golfing partners and all of your respective spouses, all at the young relative's expense. Now, imagine that post-golf and pre-dinner, you have some drinks and appetizers. You wish to pay the bill for the drinks and apps and successfully wrest the check from the others. Dinner is had and enjoyed, as mentioned at the young relative's expense. All in all, you paid less than 1/10 of the cost of the days activities. Not a bad deal - right? Fast forward to the next day. Your spouse insists you go visit the young relative and request reimbursement for the cost of the drinks and apps. Would you? Could you? Wouldn't you be positively mortified? Particularly since you are not hurting for funds?

True story. I was floored when I heard it. It's just a recipe for bad feelings.

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Me said...

I would not.