Tuesday, July 01, 2008

So..the wedding itself was lovely

The wedding Sunday was really lovely. Bride looked radiant, groom looked so happy. The homily was the best homily I have ever heard at a wedding - it was just so good. The music was excellent too. The bridesmaid's gowns were mostly pretty. A's cousin, who was a bridesmaid, looked gorgeous. Looking at the dye job on one bridesmaid made me think "uh oh, hope my hair didn't look that fake when I was in my red phase." I know - it was a wedding, I shouldn't make snarky remarks. Can't help myself. May I mention the guest who's dress reminded me of a nightie? And the multiple women in open toed shoes with stockings on! And shall we discuss the women who maybe should consider support garments? or the one who's dress couldn't quite zipper? Nah!

So - generally speaking, the prayers of the faithful do not present comedic opportunities - until Sunday. I wish I had chowed down more during the cocktail hour. It's not that dinner wasn't good - but the apps were fabulous! It was a lovely setting for the reception and the rain pretty much waited for the end of the cocktail hour before it started. The cake was delicious. I couldn't tell what the icing was. It was not buttercream, nor was it fondant. Anyway - it was good cake, so good I not only ate my piece, but half of A's too! I didn't indulge in the Italian pastries - word had it there was a mob scene at the pastry table. I love dancing with A - just love it. We sat at the "kid's table". Seriously. The cousins were all at one table, the parents all at the table behind us. I was glad I had my shawl with me - thought leaving the house that I might be nuts to bring it since it was so freakin' hot - but it was coolish inside at the reception and downright freezing in the ladies room - although it's kind of hard to pee and wipe with a shawl on. Anyway - glad I had that little TJ Maxx bargain!

The last song of the night - well - it was a win for the Yankees as they played the Frank Sinatra version of "New York, New York." Same ending song for our wedding - the one that got us kicked out of our own reception. We were leaving anyway.

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