Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Save me from the "Christians"

I was just reading one of the blogs I tend to visit. The woman is a "Christian". I put it in quotes, because the things she said made me think that she has kind of missed the message of Christ. She's worried about her deceased mother - figures she's in heaven, healed of her earthly pain - but worried because she doesn't know what her relationship with God was. Well - in my mind - isn't what is really important is that God loved her mother? That God forgives our sins? She feels that as a Christian, she is called to help others "walk their own pat to salvation." I guess it just ticks me off when these people feel that the rest of us need saving and that we are somehow less of a Christian than they. In the end, it makes me go back to the parable of the Pharisee and the publican - praying in the same temple (Luke 18:10-14) one boastful, one remorseful.
I am a sinner. I know it. I try to be a good person, but I'm far from perfect. But - I also know that God loves me. I am solid in that belief. God loves all of us and I firmly believe that hell is reserved only for the worst of the worst of the worst - those who do evil and do not repent.

So thank you Mrs. Christian, but I'm doing fine here. I don't need you to save me.


annie said...

Ugh - people like that drive me nuts! And they are all over down south. I've finally just taken to telling them "My religion is my own private, personal business, not yours." That usually stuns them long enough that I can run. :-)

Me said...

In college I had a bumper sticker that said

"Dear Jesus, please save me from your followers!"