Friday, July 25, 2008

Just some thoughts....

-I'm nearly at my goal weight. Unfortunately I'm still in that in-between area where some of my thing clothes still don't fit. And - I haven't worn them in 4 years - so - um - may not be in style? I keep thinking of that commercial for TLC (I think it's TLC anyway) where they show the woman coming in to work in an outfit that hasn't fit in a while - the one with the huge shoulder pads, big wide belt and super short skirt - anyway - I need to do a real job on my closet soon.
-I don't like apologies that have a lot of qualifiers in them. You know the kind - we've all done them - where you say "I'm sorry I did whatever, but I was so ...(pick one here - stressed, busy at work, upset about something else). Apologize and be done with it. Just say "I'm sorry. I was wrong." I've done the qualified apology and usually feel a little scummy about it. It's just plain easier to say I'm sorry and leave it at that.
-I swear people in my neighborhood have no idea what a stop sign means.
-My doggie might get mad at me tonight. He has kennel cough and therefore can not exercise for a few days. I'm going to go for a walk without him.
-I think that if you've hit the age where your eggs are no longer good enough to be fertilized and stick and grow to be a baby, well then - your ovaries ought to communicate with our uterus and tell it to shut down. Seriously - why do I have to keep getting a period if I'm not going to be able to get pregnant. Where's the fairness in that? Are you telling me there's a good egg left in there and one of A's swimmers just might pick the right one and I'll end up pregnant? Yeah? So - I should be expecting a basket of candy from the Easter Bunny next spring too?
-I love summer evenings when it's still a bit warm, where I can sit on my front porch after dinner and enjoy the 'hood.
-I think that this fall, some day when it is rainy and it appears the perfect day to just sit on the couch all day reading a book and looking out at the rain - that's what I'm going to do.

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Pamela Jeanne said...

Hey Kate,
Just wanted to say thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Congrats on the nearly reaching your goal weight. (And I totally hear you on the futility of the ovaries/uterus at this stage!)