Sunday, July 20, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation...

I went away for a week to the Cape with the dog. A couldn't come because he had to work. Boomer and I had a good time. I wore my Giants Super Bowl Champs t-shirt to the neighborhood 4th of July party just to tweak the Patriots fans! I walked a lot while there. I took the dog for 2 20-30 minute walks every day. Plus most of the days I also took an hour long walk with my mother and her friends. We went to see a movie called "The Golden Boys" also known as "Chatham". It was cute, don't think it would play real well outside of the Cape though. We also went to see a play "Scapino" which was funny. The lead reminded me of Jim Carrey. Mostly, I went to the beach, walked and hung out with my mom and my dog. It was very relaxing. I worked on some jigsaw puzzles too - that was something I hadn't done in a while and it was fun. Just a few pics below.

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AlwaysJoy said...

Those picture belong on a calendar they are so stunning! I am glad you had a good vacation, welcome back!