Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happiness is...

sometimes elusive. This has been a tough week. The economy has caused us to put some projects on hold at work. I've been working the numbers, trying to figure out how we can have a mill rate increase of less than 4%, possibly as low as 2%. There's really no way to get there without layoffs. Then there's the situation with my brother. And the possibility that my friend is going to pass away. Add in my employee who wanted to take from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day off. Then to top it all off, I've got some kind sinus thing going on, so I physically feel on the shitty side.
But I know happiness is out there. It's in my father-in-law moving our recycling bins to the backyard when he stopped by the house. It's in A stopping to get me dinner on his way home because I didn't feel like cooking. And in him cleaning the bathroom last night without me nagging. It's in Boomer snuggling up to me and giving me kisses. It's in the flowers sitting in a vase in my kitchen, cut from the garden that I planted and tended. It's in a friend sending me an article that made her think of me. Happiness is always around, sometimes it's just not shouting at you, rather silently reassuring you that there is goodness.


Dina said...

You've got so much on your plate right now...I really admire your ability to search out the good amidst the bad. Good luck with everything you're dealing with.

annie said...

I was wondering how you were holding up at work - my mom said something this weekend that the town you work in is getting hit hard with all the economic stuff.

I hope all the bad stuff you're dealing with turns around soon!