Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Thoughts

*College football is fun. I really enjoy going to UCONN games from the tailgating to the game itself. I do wish that they didn't sell alcohol at the games (they can because it's off-campus) because I find that it can lead to stupidity on the part of some fans.
*I planted a bunch of flowers today - 12 in fact. There are only 11 left to make it to summer. I just took the dog out to do his business and some rodent has already taken one of the daisies I planted. I was so pissed. I suppose I should be glad it was just one.
*I made pumpkin biscotti for the tailgate yesterday. It turned out well. I'll have to do that one again.
*Tailgating in the cold is not good when you are nursing a cold or sinus thing or whatever the heck this thing is.
*We are into something like week 4 of our little "keep the house clean" project. We've got different chores to do each night except Friday. I'm finding it's not so hard to keep up with the cleaning by breaking it up like that. It doesn't take long each night to do the assigned chore and the result is well worth it.
*We had our first freeze and that spelled the end of the dahlias. The garden along our back fence looks so bare now. I also took a crack at pruning my roses.
*I just saw a commercial with Kobe Bryant, A-Rod, Michael Phelps and some guy I don't know - they were doing the Tom Cruise bit singing "Old Time Rock 'n Roll" in their undies and button down shirts. Commercial is for guitar hero. I bet it was fun to make for those guys.
*I think that pro football refs look stupid in the long pants uniform.
*I want to dress up for Halloween for work, but I have no idea what to wear.

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