Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just can't wrap my head around it

My friend Patrick died yesterday morning. I've known for a week or so that it was coming. I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around it. Patrick had a bigger than life personality. He was just so much fun - so lively, funny, carefree and also intelligent and caring. It's hard to imagine that much life just going away. I've only known Patrick for a couple of years - but that was sure long enough for him to make an impression and for me to feel a strong sense that I have lost something. And he died from a golfing accident. Who goes golfing thinking that they are going to have a fatal accident. He did something stupid. He was leaning out of his golf cart to catch his golf ball, which was being thrown to him by another person in his foursome. The golf cart was moving and Patrick fell out and landed on his head on the cart path. A fatal golf accident - it's just so hard to wrap my head around. Seriously - a freaking fatal golf accident. So much life - gone in a fatal golf accident. Who goes out to play golf thinking they might never come back?


Meg said...

I'm so sorry, Kate. That's horribly sad and upsetting. Thinking of you and Patrick and his family.


Tricia said...

I am so so sorry to hear of your friend's passing. What a very sad event. My thoughts go out to Patrick and his family and friends during this time.