Thursday, October 16, 2008

Their Stupidity is Amazing

I'm talking about some of my fellow Americans here. I'm talking about the ones who believe the incredible lies people tell about politicians. I have to say - I haven't seen any horror stories about John McCain (and I looked at to see if they had any) - but the things that people are posting about Barack Obama are amazing. How about this one - the writer claims his college roommates were Pakistani and that after his second year in college, he made an around the world trip, visiting his mother in Indonesia, his roommate's family in Pakistan and his father's family in Africa. He also went to Columbia - an expensive school and then to Harvard Law School. The writer questions "how could he afford this" and suggests that the sources are from "the Middle East". Hey - must be true - his roommates are Pakistani. OMG I understand believing that his stance on issues is wrong and disagreeing with his proposed policies - but the hate mongering is just staggering. And to think that people believe this? It's mind boggling. Are they that stupid or that paranoid?
And then there are the people who think that Sarah Palin is highly qualified to be Vice President. Some of it, I'm sure, is party faithful posturing because they have to. But seriously - McCain could have done so much better. Women should not be proud of this pick. I think it has set us back in terms of women on the national stage. I'll give her the whopping 2 years of her governorship - but other than that? Seriously people? If you leave off those 2 years, I have far more experience in government than she does, administering larger budgets, dealing with labor unions, trying to reduce taxes while maintaining or increasing services. As a woman, I think he did us a disservice. He could have chosen Gov. Jodi Rell of CT, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison or Senator Elizabeth Dole or plenty of other Republican women with far more experience and greater credibility. I'm just puzzled by the people who think she is such a good choice, so qualified. Maybe they were mesmerized by her wink.
I'm just amazed.

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Brenna said...

Kate, I see exactly these two traits in my in-laws. They will never admit fault in their party and salivate over the latest ridiculous Obama 'scandals'. I respect McCain, I have no ill will toward the man, but I disagree with his policies. But my ILs absolutely loathe Obama. I'm sure this exists on both sides and it's reprehensible.