Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Photos

It's been a while since I posted photos!  So - we have a collection here of knitting, nature & Boomer of course.  First off are the things I knitted for my cousin's baby momma's shower - a little hat, booties and a kimono. 

Here we have my UCONN ear flap hat that I knit.  It went to the Pitt game - it's a winner!
A nature shot - just a tree in our neighborhood.
Some shots of Boomer engaging in one of his favorite activities - lazing in the sun.  I wish I had done a better job with these shots - used the camera thingie that prevents the sun from washing out the shot.
 The grass isn't really that high, the yard just slopes down to the garden and he's basically laying in the edge of the garden.

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Erin said...

Very cute knits!!!