Monday, November 15, 2010

Good company, a little wine, it's all good

So, I went to my cousin's baby momma's shower this weekend.  I'm not a big fan of baby showers - aside from them being boring, they can make me mournful as I will never be having one.  This one wasn't so bad, thanks to the company I was in and the wine I drank.  I sat with my sister, our cousin's wife L. and a couple of cousins of our cousin the baby daddy.  We had some really good laughs and some good chocolate.  We had to play this game where they read a clue about babies and you had to pick the candy bar that went with it.  First clue - a baby girl's name.  L's answer "Chunky".  And you had to hear the way she said it.  Another clue was "things you cover your baby's face with".  My sister's answer "Mounds" thinking breasts when you breastfeed?  Oh the laughter.  Then I pointed out that one of the candy bars listed was Skor.  I figured the clue would be something like "what got you in this position in the first place."  I wasn't far off - clue was "what happened the night of conception" and "what daddy said".  In between laughing at the answers, sneaking red velvet cake truffles from the dessert table and another cousin's snarky comments via text messaging, I survived.
The situation itself is still a little awkward.  This was not a planned pregnancy - at least not by the baby daddy - we're thinking the baby momma did some planning.  They were engaged two years ago, but my cousin broke it off because she was not interested in getting a real job.  She's content to babysit here and there, make her jewelry which she sells at craft fairs, etc.  Wasting a college degree in education mind you!  At some point, he let her move in with him.  Not smart if you ask me - not if you hope to find someone else to marry eventually.  And as for not wanting a child with her - well shoot - don't leave it up to her.  Keep your pecker in your pocket or at least under wraps.  Don't leave it up to her - who has a couple of sisters who have taken this route to motherhood in the past!  What really seems off about the whole thing to me is that her family does not seem in the least bit to be treating this as anything other than a planned, welcome pregnancy.  And we know it's not. 
Anyway, I survived the shower.

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