Thursday, November 04, 2010

Not in a bathroom, please

I know - strange title for a post - but it's what I'm thinking today.  A co-worker collapsed and died at work yesterday.  He was found in the bathroom.  I don't want to die in the bathroom.  How awful must it have been for him.  DId he know he was dying?  Was it over quickly?  I hope so.  I'm assuming he had a heart attack.  I just can't imagine that happening and being alone in a bathroom, no one to reach out to for help.  So please God, when the time comes, not in a bathroom. 

Godspeed P.  You were a good man, a pleasure to work with and you will be missed.


Sarah said...

Oh goodness Kate, how awful. My heart goes to his family.... and to you and all of his co-workers who are reeling.... I can't imagine


Erin said...

That's terrible!!! So sorry for the loss. Poor guy.

Lisa said...

I know Kate, isn't that just awful. I hope he is finally at peace now. He was such a funny, funny guy. He will really be missed.

Tricia said...

Oh Kate - this is so sad. I am so sorry for your loss.