Monday, April 11, 2011

Dipping a toe into handknit socks

I took a class on Saturday to learn how to knit socks on two circular needles.  I think I'm going to really like this.  I wanted to learn how to knit socks because there are so many pretty patterns and pretty sock yarns out there.  I had started a sock previously, but it was really slow going - probably because I hadn't found the right method for me.  I was using the magic loop method, then tried using a 9" circular.  Neither one really got me in a groove.  I think I found the groove with two circulars.  And the technique will translate to other small diameter circular knitting projects - like sleeves, mittens or the last few rounds of hats.  In other knitting news, the lace capelet is done, ends woven in.  Now it just needs a little blocking and it will be ready to go.  I plan to steam block it, so I may get to that tonight.  I'm almost done with my market bag, now just waiting for goat day to start up for the season and I'll be off to the farmers' market with my own bag.  I could see me making some more of these out of cotton scraps for myself or in pretty colors as gifts.

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Lisa said...

Oh I can't wait to see the socks! You have to try that yarn that knits into a pattern! I have always spied those, but never had the nerve to jump in and try it. I'm a total scarf girl, flat and easy! hahaha.