Friday, April 01, 2011

No Photo Friday....again

This time the problem is that I have no computer to upload them!  I bit the bullet and finally bought a new computer recently.  It arrived at my local Staples on Sunday.  So, I bought the old one in for them to transfer the files.  It's still there.  First they had trouble, couldn't get my old one to work with their display, so I had to bring down the funky display cord connector from my old PC.  That was Tuesday evening.  And so I sit.  And so I wait.  I could use A's laptop, but honestly, just too much of a pain to set it up, etc.  I'm hoping it will be ready today. 
My big dilemma for today (note I am using the apparently correct 2m spelling of that word instead of dilemna) is do I go to the gym after work.  I'm going to a jewelry party tonight at a neighbor's.  I will have time to come home, eat and shower after running - so that's not an issue.  The thing is - I kind of like what I'm wearing right now.  If I change into workout clothes, I'm worried about getting makeup on the neck of the lovely cream colored turtleneck I am wearing, which would mean no wearing it to the jewelry party tonight.  It's not as if I don't have other wardrobe options for the evening - but I just saw myself in the bathroom mirror and think - I'm looking pretty good.  So - will I go to the gym tomorrow if I don't go tonight?  Or at least go for a run in the neighborhood?  And if my computer is ready - I don't think I have time to go to the gym, pick up the PC, eat, shower, etc before the party.  Oh - the decisions of a Friday!  :)

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