Friday, April 29, 2011

Why I would like being a princess

If you are a princess, whenever you have an occasion where you need to look good - which is always - someone comes and does your hair for you.  Think about always looking as good as just after your cut and color!  And you can get your makeup and nails done as well.  Your clothes are always professionally tailored to fit you and your body's quirks.  You have access to the latest fashions.  If you want to go see a show, you can always get tickets.  You don't have to cook or clean unless you want to do it.  You probably don't even have to make your own bed.  Wait to see the doctor?  Not you.  Want to go on vacation - private jet. 
The downside - it's got to be kind of a boring life otherwise.  Yeah, lots of perks - but your job is cutting ribbons and shaking hands?  How do you keep your brain from atrophying?  How do you keep smiling all the time, despite some of the idiots you are dealing with?  And better not get any spinach stuck in your teeth or it's going to be all over the tabloids.  God forbid you get a wedgie!  Can you imagine? 
But that hair styling thing - damn that would be a nice perk.

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